Party Madness Combo


*3 days pre-order required
8-12Pax Party Madness Combo included:

  • “The Mad Pig” crispy crackling suckling pig (Whole, approx. 3.2kg) X 1

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  • A: Salad (Please choose up to TWO)

    • Prawns, Mixed Greens, Red Pulp Honey Pomelo, Ponzu Sauce (About 1kg)
    • Romaine Lettuce, Crouton, Cheese, Caesar Dressing, Chicken Chop (About 1kg)
    • Avocado, Granny Smith Apple, Yogurt, Mixed Greens (About 1kg)
    • Japanese Greenhouse Pumpkin, Quinoa, Mixed Greens (About 1.1kg)

    B: Appetizer (Please choose up to FOUR)

    • Chicken Wings, Honey Mustard Dressing (About 1.2kg)
    • Pork / Beef / Chicken (8 Skewers Each; 24 Skewers Total)
    • Craft Beer Batter, Halibut
    • Spiced Salt, Corn (About 2.2kg)

    C: Sauté Dish (Please choose up to TWO)

    • Prawn, Tomato Sauce, mixed Vege, Linguine (About 1kg)
    • Macaroni, Cheeses, Pork Sausage, Chorizo, Onion (About 1kg)
    • Assorted Seafood, Thai Style Green Curry, Risotto (About 1kg)
    • Assorted Mushroom, Garlic Butter (About 1kg)
    • Assorted Vegetables (About 1kg)

    D: Main Dish (Please choose ONE)

    • Dry rub ribs with house-made spice rub (Full Rack X 2)
    • Roasted whole chicken with authentic balinese sauce (TWO Whole Chicken)
    • Authentic Beef Rendang w/ wraps (About 2.4kg)

    E: Free Dessert

    (House-Made Chocolate Mousse Cake 800g)

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